New Computer Set Up – from £35

We can set up your new Apple or Windows computer on site. We’ll install any software/apps, configure any available updates and create the recovery media (if required).

If you are buying a brand new apple computer, or a desktop PC / laptop the last thing you want to do is forget to create recovery media. We understand that some people are unsure how to do this and how important it is so we take the hassle out of such an important task for you. We will also install your selected security software and set up user accounts and email. We can do this quickly at your home so that you can get on with the good stuff and start using your new computer.

We provide the following three Computer Set Up services to help you do just that:

Initial Set Up – £35 (including call out fee or collect and deliver fee)

This service provides bare essentials, the basic set up of your computer.  We’ll install any software/apps, configure any available updates and create the recovery media (if required), a process that can take up to 4 hours.

Initial Set Up & Personalise – £45 (including call out fee or collect and deliver fee)

This service includes initial set up (see above) and creation of recovery media (if required). We can also set up your email account and parental controls, add multiple user accounts, install any antivirus and other software or hardware purchased.

Windows 8 Set Up & Showhow – £55 (including call out fee or collect and deliver fee)

We can provider this service on site or collect your computer, do the initial set up (see above) and personalise it then deliver it back and complete an additional 30 minute tutorial. During this tutorial we’ll show you the main features and user interface and give you some useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your new computer. This is useful for users that have no Windows 8 experience as it is somewhat different to any other windows operating system.

Give us a call on the number at the top of the page to see how we can help get your new Apple or Microsoft Windows desktop PC or laptop up and running and  book an appointment on a day that suits you.


What you should know

As part of the initial set up service you will receive:

  • A consultation to find out all the details of how you want your computer setting up
  • If required, we’ll unpack your computer and make sure everything is set up properly on your desk with cables tucked away neatly (if required)
  • We will install all available operating system updates and security patches available at the time of carrying out the service (providing there is an available internet connection if carried out on site).
  • We will create your VERY IMPORTANT computer’s recovery media. This allows you to reinstall Windows in the future if you need to

Computer Set up & Personalise – all of the above and the following:

  • Set up your operating system with any user accounts and passwords you want
  • On windows based computers, we will download and install Windows Essentials; free software from Microsoft that allows you to access your email, chat on Messenger, view and edit photos and home videos
  • We will set up all your email accounts in the email software you choose
  • Install and set up your Internet Security Software (which must be provided by you, or bought from us in advance) so you are protected online
  • If required, we can set up parental controls to keep your children safe online
  • We can install any software, peripherals and mobile broadband dongles you buy with your desktop or laptop providing they meet your system spec.


Things to check:

  • You will need to buy any Internet Security Software you want us to install (this can be bought from us in advance)
  • You will need to buy a mobile broadband subscription if you want us to set this up for you
  • The hardware installation does not include the cost of any peripherals, for example a printer or webcam
  • Make sure you have all the computer and peripheral products you want us to install at hand
  • Make sure you have all the correct cables to connect your computer, peripherals etc

If you know any of the above is not going to be available before your booked appointment, please call us and we can arrange to try and supply essentials at an additional cost.